Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sometimes i try to figure out
what i'm actually doing in life
like i'm just kinda flailing helplessly
against a tide
of my own ennui
of my own middle class dissatisfaction
a lingering thought in my head
that i'm just another destined fuckup
with no prospects in life
that i'm just a useless waste of space
ready to be shuffled off
ready to just die

but i try not to think about those things
because i know life is about more than that
or at least i believe that
(concrete knowledge of such things
is so slippery and difficult to perceive)
(i personally think life
is meaningless
and that we just have to make our own
so i go about my day trying to do things
things that make life worth living
taking up hobbies
taking up activities
anything to keep my mind off
the simple fact
that i will
someday, hopefully in the far future.

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